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All About Dressing Up For A Party



Choose the right and perfect one that you arewristwatch lipgloss comfortable in! When attending a party it is always preferable to go on with a knee length dress or a jean and signature tee. Go in search for 4-5 shops, this is for you to choose the best outfit. Select dark colors, as parties are dark or have mild colored settings. Wear transparent stockings if you feel awkward. Pick up floral print; it looks pretty on every female. If you want to wear sleeveless but feel awkward? No worries, attach a maxi-sleeve or a transparent cloth.




When comes to makeup, don't put on so much thatfrenchplait kajal makes others feel like oh! My god. You can have over-makeup, unless and until it is not disastrous. Give smoky-eyes, for this works well with parties. Put on a medium colored lip-stick or stop with a lip-gloss that smells good, prefer blackberry for even better choice. As far as makeup is concerned, these two should be fine for a party! To add more on to it, pick foundations and other few that makes you fulfilled. Style your hair, don’t play with it. Have one default hairstyle always, just in case nothing else works. Bun your hair with a complementing clip. Tiaras perfectly match loose hair for parties. Try out with French plaits that work pretty well. Complete your makeup with vanilla flavored perfume that gives the end touch or spray something that will welcome you. Avoid spraying lemon or jasmine flavors, it feels uneasy for the person who hug you or even stand near you.




Girls are gifts for accessories! Pick accessories that necklace ear make them blush just because you are wearing them. Go on with a choker when it comes to party. Choker as in, not only the simplest ones, choose the one with a pearl, one with dollar, multi-colored, combination of a silver chain or gold goes well. Wear a watch on your right or left hand and have a band on the either hand to clutch them in case of any emergency, this also looks stylish. Now, with your earrings, select the tiniest possible or a medium one. Don’t ever choose the biggest earrings, for they will not make you comfortable when you dance or choose earrings that don’t mess up with your ear-strands. Prefer bigger ones, if you are planning to bun your hair. Don’t bother much about your finger rings, just have one or better avoid.




Wear a cut-shoe or flat heels. High heels goes good, but that noise irritates and when you dance it very badly gives you back pain in not less than 45 minutes. Match your wallet with your dress, makeup, etc. Jean bags are good too. Finally, give 45 seconds for yourself to make sure you are perfectly fine, if not fine at-least descent. If you think that 45 seconds is well, then your whole party time is going to be an exact party.

Dressing up for a party has no rules, all you need to do is just YOU BE YOURSELF(UBU)