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All About Last Minute Strategy


Here are a few quick tips for beauties that get ready in the nick of time!

1. Wet your fingers if you want your nail paint to dry quickly

2. To get curly ends of your hair, comb your hair edges while the dryer is switched on

3. Do not apply lotion on your face, it gives an oily look. Else, use an oil-free lotion

4. Make it simple with a choker, if you don't have a perfect one to wear


5. To get rid of dark circles, cover your eyes with a few slices of potatoes

6. At times, simple makeup with mascara and light lip-gloss works high. So, it's better to stick to it

7. For quick pedicure at home, add few rose petals in a tub full of warm water and a few slices of lemon

8. Apply lotion to avoid dry skin

9. Bun your hair to get a wavy look


10. Draw your eye-liner thick, this shows high makeup and looks grand, though you haven't worked lot on it

11. Go for a red wine facial for a glowing skin

12. Apply a few drops of red wine onto your cheeks for rosy cheeks

13. For wavy hair, wash your hair and dry it with a dryer then complete it by applying a serum and comb your hair one last time thoroughly

14. Go on with a messy bun, if you don't have time to style your hair

15. Apply a nail enameller if you don't have a nail paint that matches your dress

Experts are not just people who advise beauty tips, people who try something on beauty are also experts.On that, all of us are experts. Wake up that expert in you