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Natural tips:

  Aloe gel: remedy for burns

  Natural Moisturizer: Avocado, Honey

  Blackheads: Nuts

  Smooth skin: Coconut Milk, Yogurt, Oatmeal

  Skin Cleanser: Yogurt

  Skin Pores: Honey, Nuts

  Skin Nourishment: Milk

  Skin scrub: Fenugreek seeds

  Dry Skin: Olive oil

  Soft Skin: Oranges , Lemons, Pineapple, Vinegar

  Skin Bleach: Yogurt, Honey, Oranges , Lemons, Pineapple

  Dark circles under eyes and wrinkles: Cucumber, Nuts

  Astringent: Honey, Oranges , Lemons, Pineapple

  Skin Conditioner: Egg white for normal and oily skin, Egg yolk for dry skin

Do you feel that something is missing when you stand before your mirror? Or little confused what color lipstick will go with your skin tone? Then check out this section that offers you amazing beauty tips and other useful information on Eye Make ups, Face Masks, Celebrity Diets, etc., this section is guaranteed to make your skin flawless!

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