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Mineral Makeup
mineral makeup
It is all-natural and being touted as great that can really help your skin. It's called Mineral Makeup. Cosmetic companies are marketing it by different names; however they all have a general ingredient - minerals. "Mineral makeup" takes its inspiration from minerals and lifeless pigments that live in nature. Few combinations of these colored minerals, like mica, titanium dioxide, zinc and iron oxides, and ultramarine pigments, can be shaped to make all cosmetic from foundation to eyeshadow to shimmer powder for the body...
A top cause of wrinkled skin is the heavy and stable application of makeup. Following years of makeup use, your skin is no longer what it used to be. It is a product of heavy abuse because of harsh makeup products. Preferably, your skin care will contain no makeup on the face. If You Use Makeup, make Sure it is Mineral Makeup.
The real benefits of mineral makeup cosmetics:
* Natural look and feel
* Stays on all day long
* Fine for sensitive skin
* It's anti-inflammatory
* No harmful ingredients
Best of all, since mineral powders are inorganic and include no moisture, bacteria do not grow and no preservatives are needed. It works for everybody, and suits in all climates. It not only includes sunscreen, however cosmetic companies state that Mineral Makeup works with humidity. So it means still if you sweat, your makeup will not smear.