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Check How Beauty Conscious You Are

1. Which type of foodstuff do you choose?
Doughnuts, Soft Drinks
Chips, French Fries, Ice Cream and Frozen Desserts
Fish, Nuts
Noodles, chicken
2. How long do you use Mascara, liquid or gel eyeliners once opened?
1 year
9 months
2 year
4 to 6 months
3. Which one of the following do you think can be a factor in causing bad breath?
Dry mouth
Hormone fluctuations
All of the above
4. How often do you wash your hair?
Weekly one
Weekly twice
Alternate days
5. Skin care is a part of your routine
Weekly once
Monthly twice
Monthly once
6. Is you skin dry? If yes, then what shower do you take?
7. You apply hair conditioner from
scalp to hair tips
Upper portion of hair roots to the hair tip
hair roots to the hair tip
only to scalp
8. When do you apply sunscreen?
Only when it is very sunny
Only when I move out in the sun
It doesn't matter if I'm out in the sun or at home I apply it everyday
9. How often do you do skin exfoliation of dead cells (scrubbing)?
Once in a week
more than once in a week
once in a Month
10. Before going to bed you
Apply moisturizer
Remove makeup if applied
Remove makeup if applied and Apply moisturizer