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Homemade Recipes for Fair Complexion

By Beauty | July 2, 2011

Looking beautiful is on everyone’s top priority. A super-shiny fair complexion do all favor to your appearance. Therefore in order to get back the natural glow as well as healthy condition of the skin, it is a must to take some necessary measures. Homemade treatment always gives you long lasting benefits without any side-effects.

Here are some homemade recipes to get a glowing fair skin:

1) Sandalwood is the best home remedy for dark skin. It not only makes your skin fairer but also acts as a sunscreen. It is also considered as best anti-aging ingredient.

2) Take 1 table spoon of milk powder, 1 table spoon of honey, 1 table spoon of lemon juice, and ½ table spoon of almond oil. Mix it all well and apply on face and wash off after 10-15 minutes. This gives shine to the skin and also removes tan.

3) Take half teaspoon of turmeric, is one of an excellent skin-lightening agent, mix it with milk and add a few drops of lemon juice. Leave it for 25 minutes. Then, rinse off with water.

4) Soak four almonds for a night. Next morning remove their skin and grind them fine. Make a paste by adding one teaspoon of gram flour, one teaspoon of milk and four drops of lime juice. A regular massage of this paste will promise a long lasting fairness to you.

5) As everyone knows Saffron is an excellent skin-whitener. Mix two, three strands of saffron with little milk and leave it for some time. When it turns pink, apply it on the face and neck. Keep for 10-15 minutes and then rinse off. It is one of the most effective home remedies.

6) Make a paste of gram flour, lime juice and milk. Blend it continuously to a pasty constitution. Apply a thick layer on your face and leave for twenty minutes. It removes dead cells and tan as well.

7) Mix gram flour and lemon juice, apply it every day before taking bath. It proves to be excellent bleach.

8) Apart from all these homemade recipes, make sure to take plenty of water, lots of fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet.

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