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Body Moisturizers
A product that will keep moisture in the skin, or bring moisture to the skin. In other words it is an emollient cream used to hydrate skin.
Lotions are generally applied to outer skin with exposed hands, a clean cloth, and cotton wool and lotions such as hand creams and face cream are formulated not as a medicine, but plainly to smooth, re-hydrate, and soften your skin.
Body Scrubs
A body scrub is a generally used to scrub the skin, and also renowned from facial scrubs, which be likely to be a little gentler. Scrubbing tends to involve products harsh adequate to encourage exfoliation or sloughing away of dead skin cells.
Hair Color
Body Care Products
Hair coloring is the procedure of changing the color of hair. People can change your hair color either to more fashionable of what you desire or you can also restore the original hair color you like. The types of hair color include:
  1. Permanent hair color
  2. Semi-permanent hair dye
  3. Demi-permanent hair color
  4. Temporary hair color
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