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Tips for Beautiful Eyebrows
eyebrow tips
Your eyebrows add strength and meaning to your face. Fine groomed eyebrows add to your beauty. Here I suggest the ways to get beautiful eyebrows.
  1. You must pluck eyebrows before bedtime so any redness will go overnight. In shaping your eyebrows make use of your facial features.
  2. Use a pair of slant edge tweezers which hold hairs without difficulty. Comb hairs one way and after that other to remove loose hairs.
  3. You should pluck hairs involving the brows and any stragglers. Do not remove the hairs, above your eyebrows.
  4. Pluck all hair separately close to the root. Work in the way of the growth.
  5. Always stay away from over plucking. In defining your eyebrows select a shade close to your natural hair color.
  6. When using a pencil you must apply in small, feathered strokes. When starting at the interior corner work outwards.
  7. Blend the color with a brush. To tame stray hairs simply use hair gel and comb through to neaten.
Eyebrow Shapes For Different Face
1) Best Eyebrow Shapes For Oval Face:
oval eyebrow shape
Best eyebrow shapes for oval faces, you will have many since an oval face is considered as the ideal shape or even an arch. Going for a soft angled eyebrow shape will make you look perfect.
2) Best Eyebrow Shapes For Long Face:
long eyebrow shape
Best eyebrow shapes for long faces should be the ones that make it to look much shorter. To achieve this, you need to go for a straight horizontal eyebrow. Simply go for a simple flat eyebrow shape, as it will help you make your face to appear shorter.
3) Best Eyebrow Shapes For Round Face:
round eyebrow shape
Best eyebrow shapes for round face, your object when shaping your eyebrows should to make it to look much longer. Best eyebrow for round face will be shapes that will go as high as possible and as low as possible towards the edges. This can be achieved by creating an arch as high as possible.
4) Best Eyebrow Shapes For Square Face:
Square eyebrow shape
The best eyebrow shape for square faces should have soft curves and it should be very strong. Make sure the line from inner eyebrow is straight but the one on the outer section from the arch is curved. Shaping your brow to be thicker will help in creating a balance between your face and jaw line, which is slightly heavier for this kind of face shape.
5) Best Eyebrow Shapes For Heart Face:
Heart eyebrow shape
The best eyebrow shape for heart shaped faces will be the one that will make your heart shaped face less famous. Alternatively, you could try a soft arch brow to add more charm to your eyebrows. While creating it, ensure it is a low arch to help add the much-needed length to your heart shaped face.
6) Best Eyebrow Shapes For Diamond Face:
Diamond eyebrow shape
The best eyebrow shape for diamond shaped faces, the best eyebrow to go create soft curve looks to help diminish the widest part of your faces. Going for a curved brow will help solve this problem perfectly. If you do not want the curved ones, try round eyebrow stencils. Furthermore, ensure there is m the best eyebrow shape for more emphasis on the arch of the curve if you go for a curved brow shape.