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Remedies for Oily Skin
skincare tips
If you have oily skin and you'd like to carry out something about this condition, here are few good tips for you:
1. To take care for oily skin you should beginwith a gentle, foaming facial wash. This will remove dirt and oil without taking away moisture.
2. You should cleanse only two or three times at the very most with a product suited to your skin type. Washing more often will simply strip the skin of oil which cleanly stimulates the oil glands to replace it.
3. Rinse carefully and then finish off with a toner/astringent on the oily areas of your skin. The astringent can be used all over the day to help control the excess oil.
4. Make a puree of fresh tomatoes and apply to the skin.
5. Add one teaspoon of lemon juice, half teaspoon of honey, white egg and fuller's earth or brewer's yeast powder. Make it into a paste and apply. Remove it after 20 minutes with normal water.
6. To stop the problem of your makeup becoming patchy either on the forehead, chin or nose due to excessive oiliness in these areas, apply a little cucumber juice on the excessively oily parts of your face, dry thoroughly and then apply your makeup.
7. Mix one tablespoon yoghurt with fuller's earth and apply. Yoghurt itself can be applied to the face. It helps to soften the skin and restores the natural acid mantle.
8. If your skin is excessively oily, mix in a few drops of eau de cologne. This not only helps keep oiliness away but also helps in refining the pores of the skin by acting as astringent, thereby preventing acne.
9. Papaya has a cleansing action, softening dead skin cells and aiding their removal. So make a pulp of raw papaya and apply.
10. Keep a bowl of water in the fridge and splash this cold water 3-4 times a day. Cold water will not only make feel refreshed but will also tighten the pores.
11. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water a day. Water helps flush out toxins from the body.
12. Use an exfoliant twice a week. These skin scrub products contain little granules that, when used with a small brush, provide deep cleansing.
13. Follow up the cleanser with an astringent as this will remove all excess oil.
14. Never rub your cheeks against anything nor let them be pressed or pinched.
15. Never try to pluck out your pimples. If you do so they will leave a mark on the skin.
16. Try to be always happy and cheerful. In fact it is medically advisable to laugh daily for about 10 minutes not only for your cheek's up-keep, but even for your normal health.
17. Don't use any artificial coloring material like rouge etc. to make your cheeks acquire rosy hue. The best way to do so is to mix a few fresh rose leaves in raw milk and make them into the paste form. Then add a little honey to the paste and apply on your cheeks every morning for 5 minutes. Then rinse it off.