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15 tips for Hair Care

Hair care
  1. Nutritious diet and Healthy lifestyle
  2. One needs to take a balanced diet to have a beautiful tress and it is always good to drink a lot of water and include proteins like lentils and meat in your diet as they are good source of proteins. Vitamin A is responsible for avoiding any kind of hair loss and it strengthens the hair root and promotes excellent hair growth. Hence consume a lot of green leafy vegetables, carrots and cod liver oil which helps in maintaining our hair in good condition.
  3. Avoid styling treatments and products
  4. Many shampoo products contains hazardous chemicals which looks may good on you initially but it damages your hair in the long run. It is always advisable to embrace the natural beauty of your hair and avoid any kind of chemical treatments.
  5. Use Natural Products
  6. To bring back the shine and thickness of the hair, use aloe vera products. It can treat dry or damaged hair effectively and it is recommended for any kind of hair problems. Even curd can be used as a conditioner to your hair to make it look soft and silky.
    You can also apply aloe vera gel as a hair mask and leave it undisturbed for 30 minutes, then rinse for a perfect bouncy hair. If you do it regularly, you will see the productive effect of natural treatment.
  7. Keep your scalp clean and free from oil
  8. It is always better to wash your hair regularly on a daily basis depending on the oiliness of your skin and exposure to dirt and dust. If you feel very lazy to rinse it daily then you can give a try to a dry shampoo wash. Choose a shampoo which has a lot of natural ingredients and avoid the chemical ones.
  9. Select a shampoo and conditioner that suits your hair
  10. If you start using a shampoo for some period of time, you will come to know whether it brings beneficial effect or hazardous effect on your hair. Try finding out a good combination of shampoo and conditioner that really suits your hair.
  11. Avoid using hair dryer
  12. It is best to dry your hair naturally in sunlight or just use some towels to wipe the wet off, especially in summer time. Do not comb your wet hair because there are many chances for your hair to be broken at that time. Avoid blowers and dryers because there are possibilities for your hair to get damaged due to excess of heat radiation.
  13. Sleep Peacefully
  14. Irregular disturbed sleeps or anxiety causes your hair to get tangled and becomes dry. Your hair reflects your anxiety and so being happy with a broad smile always plays a vital role in keeping your hair strong.
  15. Treat your hair gently
  16. While combing or styling your hair, do not be harsh which can break your hair roots and significantly damage your locks. Be gentle and comb your hair to your matching style.
  17. Rinse your hair with cold or lukewarm water
  18. It is better to wash your hair in cold or lukewarm water because hot water can damage the tips of your hair and it may lead to bald head also for males.
  19. Apply proper oil
  20. You can apply coconut oil or castor oil or olive oil depending on your texture of hair and allow it to penetrate the hair roots for at least 40 minutes and then rinse it for shiny elastic hair. You can repeat this once in every two weeks for a better silky hair.
  21. Proper drying
  22. Do not use a towel to dry your wet hair immediately, as it can ruffle the cuticle and cause tangles. You can gently squeeze out the excess water and then you can gently dry your wet hair.
  23. Applying Conditioner
  24. When you apply conditioner, start it from mid-lengths to ends and remember, conditioning your roots will weigh your hair down. Conditioning serum provides good strength and promotes hair growth.
  25. Get Rid off Dandruff
  26. To prevent dandruff there are many natural ingredients like yogurt, banana mixed with vinegar and many more, are used to keep your hair healthy.
  27. Psychological Factors
  28. Our appearance is being affected by all our psychological factors so learn to cultivate a stress free, optimistic and positive attitude which helps to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth.
  29. Wash your hair in the right way
  30. Start with a rinse and apply some conditioner first if you have a long hair and then apply natural shampoo only at the scalp. Do not keep on rinsing your hair even though the instructions that are given at the back of your shampoo bottle say so.