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Everybody talk about about weight loss, however what about those skinny people who are worried to gain some kilos? For skinny individuals, it is not that much easy to put on weight. There are a lot remedies to weight gain or to increase your weight. These remedies may have liver capsules, weight gain drinks, high calorie weight gain powders and still colon cleansing.
Prior to attempting this problem, one should initially know how does one know one is underweight? It is very easy to make out by making use of BMI (Body Mass Index) calculator. If BMI calculator confirms less than 18.5 or 18.5, it means one is underweight.
One be supposed to divide the body weight (in Kilos) by the square of height (in meters) to recognize the exact BMI. There are numerous medications or pills obtainable in the market of weight gain that may help to get better daily caloric consumption; still they have no advantages while compared to stylish food selections. One should think about the following tips to gain body weight:
  • Consume more calories
  • Try to make the best selections about foods
  • Take large amount of snack
  • Drink large amount of fluids
  • Increase workouts
Safe and easy methods to gain weight fast
Under construction If you make a decision that you would like to gain weight, you require eating more calories than you use - and you have to do this on a regular basis. It's not enough just to have irregular extra snacks.
Take it gradually
Set yourself a sensible target weight and try to increase your weight slowly, by about 1 kg (2 lbs) each month until you reach it. To carry out this, you'll require taking in about 350 extra calories every day. Your body will respond better if you carry out this by eating healthily, before just eating more chocolate or fatty foods.
Eat regularly
It's essential to eat often all through the day. Plan to eat three regular meals, in addition two or three snacks in between. If you really find this hard at first, you could start with small meals and slowly make them larger. To add added calories to your meals, you may perhaps:
Have an additional slice of toast for breakfast,
Create a habit of Drinking grape juice rather than orange or apple juice,
Always make coffee and tea with milk,
Serve an added spoon of mashed potato, wholemeal rice or wholemeal pasta,
Add lean minced meat, beans or noodles, lentils to meals like casseroles and soups,
Be more generous with healthier unsaturated oils, like olive, sunflower and vegetable oils, salad dressing and spreads, and for all time have a dessert.
Using prepared milk in your hot drinks will as well add more calories, however try and cut down the amount of tea and coffee you drink every day, replacing it with milky drinks in its place. To help you stay on track for your target weight, you may like to write a regular meal plan or keep a food diary.
Always Eat healthily
As well as eating on a regular basis, it's essential to eat healthily. Your diet will be balanced if you eat foods from the five most important food groups in the right amounts.
Carbohydrates like bread, pasta and potatoes should increase about one third of your diet.
You should aim to eat five portions of fruit and vegetables every day.
About one fifth of what you eat every day should be protein - pick from meat, fish and eggs, or beans and nuts.
You should aim to get 700mg of calcium every day, about the same as a pint of milk or two small yoghurts. You can as well get calcium from soya milk and yoghurts with additional calcium, and from leafy green vegetables.
Fatty or sugary foods like chocolate, butter, crisps and cakes must make up the smallest part of your diet.
Healthy snacks
Keep some healthy snacks handy, to make it easier to continue to your plan. You might like to prefer from:
Milk, yoghurt drinks or smoothies,
Fresh or dried fruit,
Cereal or cereal bars,
Nuts and seeds,
Flapjacks, scones or fruit buns,
Pots of rice pudding, custard or yoghurt,
Wheat meal biscuits,
Pasteurized cheese and crackers.
And, obviously, a small chocolate bar once in a while doesn't do any harm!
Ideas for more filling snacks contain omelettes with healthy fillings like ham, baked beans on whole meal toast, cheese or mushroom, and jacket potatoes with toppings like tuna and coleslaw or cold chicken and turkey.