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Many of us are tempted by the promise of an immediate fix that is obtainable by weight loss pills. The real fact is, many of these pills, whether they declare to be herbal, and so "good for you", or not can have very negative and occasionally long lasting effects on the body, and few are just plain dangerous. In this section about weight loss pills, we'll take a quicker look at three types of weight loss pills and why they are bad for you.
One admired type of weight loss pills are used to lessen the appetite. This may be tempting for those that have overeating matters; however they can truly be quite dangerous. It has been well recognized that these pills, which often contain substances like fenfluramine, phentermine, sibutramine and diethylpropion, and can cause depression, headaches, dizziness, anxiety, insomnia, blurred vision, heart palpitations or high blood pressure.
Drugs that block the body's capability to absorb fats, such as Orlistat, are very dangerous for the reason that the body does could do with natural fats found in healthy foods so as to function. By blocking these body fats can result in a vitamin deficiency and a complete host of digestive track problems, from diarrhea to bowel discrepancy.
Additional diet pills are nothing more than diuretics, which force out the bodies provide of water. Whereas diuretics can have positive effects for those that are suffering from a build up of water or swelling, when used as a form of weight loss pills they be able to be pretty dangerous. While they may be doing well in ridding the body of excess water, if used in the long time they can flush the water that is stored in the kidneys and liver, which they very much require to function. Keep in mind; our bodies are made up of about 70% of water, from our blood to our brains. After all, you require to be getting rid of fat, not water!
Weight Loss Pills
Extensive research has been made by the weight loss institute for the growth of different weight loss pills. The most important aim of this institute is to give sustainable ways to the overweight people to lose weight and to safeguard a healthy weight for long time. A study was done to locate out which weight loss pills are effectual for losing weight and which has reached in attaining their goals. Out of the different weight loss pills, only two of them have been recognized as best and set the top ratings.
Weight Loss Pills Types
  • Prescription Pills
  • Prescription pills are very similar like drugs. These pills cut weight and FDA approval is wanted in the production of these pills and is personally synchronized. Some of the prescription weight loss pills are Phentermine, Xenical and Meridia. All these pills are clinically checked to confirm their value for reducing weight and to make sure the health risks and side effects.
  • Non-Prescription Pills
  • The non-prescription pills can be bought over the counter and are really focused to minimum FDA instruction. These pills are as well known as weight loss supplements. Few of the non-prescription pills include Metabolife and Herbalife and other pills like stackers, fat burners and other sports supplements.
Do Weight Loss Pills Really Work?
Weight loss pills can be effective and sometimes it does not work. When these pills are used under the supervision of medical department along with the exercise program and proper diet, these pills are effective for the short term. The body is adapted to a variety of weight loss pills, therefore it provides less benefit to the people.
Consulting the Doctor regarding Weight Loss Pills
  • Ask to be medically inspected.
  • Ask for any cause for reason of the side effects of these pills.
  • Explain the complete medical history and list of all the medications taken by the person.
  • Arrange a return appointment to make out how these pills are working.
  • Ask for a clarification of all the weight loss options.
Taking Weight Loss Pills
If one decides to take any weight loss pills, then one should follow definite precautions for example.
  • One should go after an appropriate exercise program and diet while taking these pills.
  • Consult the doctor following every thirty days to talk about the progress of the pills.
  • One must take these pills accurately as directed or prescribed by the doctor.
  • If these pills do not work, then one must at once stop them.
  • If the side effects of these pills becomes bad or persist, then at once consult the doctor.
Who really Benefits from Weight Loss Pills?
Prescription weight loss pills are formulated for the treatment of obesity rather than cosmetic weight loss. Obesity is the most general and serious condition from which most of the people are suffering and contains very serious health risks or the person can suffer from various problems in the future.